Online Baccarat: Bet on Yourself, the Banker or a Tie!

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Canadian gamers enjoy playing baccarat since the game doesn’t require any special skill. You just need to understand the game, and you are good to go! Furthermore, not only does the game has a lower house edge, but also comes in several variants to take the excitement up a notch. The rules are pretty easy to comprehend. The game only requires you to wager on the banker’ hands your hand or a possible tie.

Historical archives indicate Baccarat has its origins in France in the 19th century before it spread to other parts of the globe, including Canada. Though the game didn’t become popular immediately after being introduced, it attracted French Aristocrats 500 years later. By this time people were already playing various major Baccarat variants such as Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer. That’s just part of the rich history the amazing casino game has and is perhaps why Canadians love it even more. Read on to learn more about this game.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Baccarat in Canada

There are numerous online casinos in Canada where you‘ll relish playing Baccarat. Some of the best include:

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  • Game Rules

    Baccarat requires gamers to wager on any of the outcomes below:

    • The gamer’s hand will win

    • The banker’s hand will win.

    • The game will bring about a tie.

    Gamers aim at beating the banker by establishing a hand of value 9 or closer to it as possible without busting. To kick off the game, gamers have to make a bet. 2 cards are then given to the gamer and the banker. Gamers have to determine their hand’s value with the following in mind.

    • All tens and face cards are considered to be zero.

    • All deuces to 9s are taken at face value.

    • Ace has a value of 1.

    • The game always converts 10s into zeros. For instance, if gamers receive two 5s their hand value equals 0. If they are dealt a 9 or 6, their hand value is 5 as the value of 10 is reduced to 0, not 15.

    If not satisfied with their hand’s value players and bankers can then receive a 3rd card. However, the rules listed below must be taken into consideration:

    • The player has to stand if their hand equals 6+.

    • The banker has to stand if their hand equals 7+

    • The player can only get a 3rd if their hand equals 5 or lesser.

    • The banker can only get a 3rd if they have a hand of value less than or equal to 2.

    • Also, the banker can get a 3rd if his point value is 3 and the gamer’s 3rd card is 8; he has a point value of 4, and the gamer’s 3rd card is 0/1/8/9; he has a point value of 5, and the gamer’s 3rd card is a 0/1/2/3/8/9; and he has a point value of 6, and the gamer’s 3rd card is a 0/1/2/3/4/5/8/9.

    Next, the hands are compared and the winning hands rewarded. Winning player and banker bets get payouts of 2:1. Winning tie bets get 9:1. A 5% commission will be deducted from the payout of winning banker bets.

    Baccarat Variants

    Online Baccarat variants popular in Canadian casinos are:

    1. Punto Banco – means ‘Player vs. Banker’

    2. Chemin De Fer – French name for baccarat. It’s the original Baccarat game.

    3. Baccarat en Banque – ‘Chemin de Fer’ and ‘Baccarat en Banque’ let you make selections that require a particular level of skill.

    Like other card game variants, these each come with a slight change in the rules, and they may even vary from one casino to another. Thus, you have to take the time to understand each title before you can enjoy it.

    Tips and Strategies for Playing Baccarat in Canada Like a Pro

    Although Baccarat is a game of chance, there are a few simple tips that if you follow can improve your winning potential. They include:

    • Be familiar with the game- ensure you’re well acquainted with all the rules of the Baccarat variant you’re playing.
    • Play baccarat games with fewer decks. They are the most player friendly, but you must still bet carefully.
    • Manage your bankroll well and know when to quit- stop playing immediately you win or lose a pre-determined amount.
    • Avoid wagering on a Tie- it has a high house edge of 14.4% even though it pays out a lot more than the other options.