Online Craps: How to Play the Game Like a Pro

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Online casinos have taken the Canadian betting industry by storm and forever transformed the way we play our cards, spin the reels and roll the dice. Online Craps is one among the variety of traditional casino games that online gaming now enables you to play from wherever you feel like.

Craps has been in the gambling vicinity for over a century, although the introduction of online casino has led to the revitalization of this dice-rolling game, giving it a 21st-century facelift particularly in Canada, where gamers normally can’t access major land-based casinos. Interested in rolling a couple of dice in Canadian Internet Craps? For sure you’ve come to the right place. This exclusive breakdown brings you everything you need to know.

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  • How to Play Online Craps

    1. The attractiveness of Craps comes in their straightforwardness and simplicity of the rules as well as the potential to land on some solid wins. Certainly, selected varieties of Craps comprise more complex combinations of dice that form winning bets and increase the prize manifolds. The classic and most valued Craps are however are those having few bets that are simple to understand without having the stress of making loads of initial calculations.

    2. One advantage of online Craps is that you have the opportunity to get extra assistance with your gaming as you actively place your wagers. To get help as you are making your bets, there’s usually a ‘Help’ tool that you can turn to it anytime, and you’ll get a tip that could help you make more money from your wagers.

    3. Online Craps is similar to the game that is playing in physical casino settings; you choose the bet, roll the dice (which are 2) in ‘come out roll.’ Next check the numbers. With selected kinds of bets, the first roll is the real win or lose marker. For other varieties a 2nd dice rolling is necessary, and this time it shows who the king really is.

    4. To kick off gaming, there are two basic kinds of betting that you actually need to be acquainted with. These are passline betting and don‘t passline betting:
    • In passline betting 7 or 11 are the numbers that bring the prize exactly after the ‘come out roll.’ 2/3/12 imply the bet is lost.
    • Other numbers turn out to be ‘the point’ of reference. If the reference point is rolled before 7 emerges, you win. If 7 comes first, you lose. After win or lose result the dice tossing turn goes to the next player.
    • In don’t passline betting the bets rolled are different in their meaning to passsline variety. For instance, 2/3/12 imply winning, other numbers other than 7 denote ‘point.' The subsequent roll of dice should bring 7. And a7 implies the prize is yours. If not, this round you lose.

    This is all you need to know to start playing this enjoyable game. It’s basically a set of 3 simple rules, and you are good to go. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular games across online gaming sites in Canada. Even if you’ve never tried playing it before, you can easily get the hang of things in a short while, and you could be laughing your way to the bank in a few tosses!

    Online Craps Variants

    Like most internet gambling games, Craps comes with plenty of variants. However, there are 2 major varieties of craps that you’ll easily find in Canadian online casinos. They are;

    1. Casino Craps – you bet against the bank or casino. It’s the most common offered by online casinos.

    2. Street Craps – you bet against other gamers.

    Tips to Play Craps

    One important thing about this game is that you should know that many of the bets you can place in craps will have a lower house edge than what other numerous table game varieties will offer you. Thus, when likened with the other games, this gives you a great lead to breaking even or even coming out on top at the end of the gaming. Nevertheless, Craps is majorly meant for fun. It’s truly fast-paced and when on a hot streak, you’ll enjoy it. If you want to truly have the upper hand in each round of play, keep these two pointers in mind;

    Best Bets

    Best Bets

    Playing ‘pass line’ is the best way to be successful at the craps table. Then play the various odds. This is the securest strategy if you want to expand your winning opportunities.

    Worst Bets

    Best Bets

    Playing ‘pass line’ is the best way to be successful at the craps table. Then play the various odds. This is the securest strategy if you want to expand your winning opportunities.