Video Poker: A Mix of Fun an Strategy in Each Hand

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Video Poker is a fascinating combination of slots and poker; this game is the option for gamers who want a mix of entertainment and strategy mashed up in the same game. Centered on standard Hold’em hand hierarchy, video poker mixes 2 of the world’s much-loved games to make a fast-paced hit with simple rules and loads of winning opportunities.

Comparatively new in relations to online casino game standards, Video Poker's popularity has been growing since its inauguration in the 1970s. The fascination lies in the simple rules, Double and Half Double your cash features, progressive jackpots, plus an easy to follow payout system that's based on card hands. Are you ready to understand how this title works? Read on for more!

4.7 / 5

Up to $1000 Bonus

  • 100% match up to $400 - first deposit
  • 100% match up to $300 - second deposit
  • 100% match up to $300 - third deposit

  • 2
    4.7 / 5

    150% Match up to $200

    1 X Match Offer up to CA$200

    4.7 / 5

    $800 Free for First 3 Deposits

  • 1st Deposit - 100% Bonus up to $400
  • 2nd Deposit - 100% Bonus up to $200
  • 3rd Deposit - 100% Bonus up to $200

  • 4
    4.5 / 5

    Up to $750 Bonus

  • 100% match up to $250 - First deposit
  • 100% match up to $250 - Second deposit
  • 100% match up to $250 - Third deposit

  • 5
    4.4 / 5

    Welcome bonuses up to €/$1600

  • Offer 1 - 100% up to 400
  • Offer 2 - 100% up to 400
  • Offer 3 - 100% up to 400
  • Offer 4 - 100% up to 400

  • How to Play Video Poker

    Video poker is well-known for its straightforwardness and video game holds this principle:

    Video Poker also offers multi-hand gaming. This implies you can simultaneously accumulate up to 10 winning hands. However, to do that you must pay for all 10 hands earlier. You choose what cards to replace in each hand, and as a result, each winning hand can bring you returns. The less experience you have, the fewer hands you’d better choose. As your skill and strategic thinking advances, you can increase their number of playing.

    Video Poker Variants

    Below are some of the top-rated video poker variants in Canada:

    Deuces Wild Poker

    1. Deuces Wild Poker - a great variant for beginners. In this Video Poker offshoot, the Deuces or twos act as wild cards. One great thing concerning this game is that when you utilize your wild card, the program will replace the card with the best card to give you the best hand possible.

    All Aces Video Poker

    2. All Aces Video Poker - This is the variant that offers most lucrative payout rate (99.92%). In case you decide to take on double or nothing wager, you can get twice your earnings. Take the challenge and one will be dealt face up the other 4 face down. Your task is getting the face-up card to have the highest value possible.

    Aces and Faces Video Poker

    3. Aces and Faces Video Poker - is based on Jacks or Better video poker. Top payouts are tied to mixtures of Aces and face cards.

    Double Bonus Poker

    4. Double Bonus Poker - also based on Jacks or Better. The main variation is that you’re given a bonus payout if your hand has 4 aces

    3 Card Poker

    5. Three Card Poker - 3 cards are dealt here, and you have to choose from 3 circles; Play, Pair Plus, and Ante. The Ante is the start-up bet. If you fold your hands, you lose your Ante bet. If you play, you’ll have to place wager on the Play circle. The bet must be equal to or greater than the Ante bet. On the other hand, A Pair plus wager means that the 3-card hand is either a pair or has a higher value.

    Tips and Strategies for Winning

    There are numerous Video Poker tips, and strategies offered designed to help up your game and lower the house edge. Though there are no sure rules as to what works and what doesn’t, if you enjoy your game and use only tips that suit your gaming style, you’re assured hours of enjoyment. Here are some useful tips:

    • Be familiar with your cards you must know what cards to keep and which ones to discard for the best winning odds. This implies you must know every winning card combination and the hierarchy it has.

    • Hold at all times below is a list of cards Video Poker strategy suggests you should always keep:

    • Straight flush

    • A Royal Flush

    • Full House

    • Four of a Kind

    To try for a four of a kind or full house, three of a kind should also be held with the others castoff. Two pairs should be held with the 5th card discarded for an opportunity at a full house.

    • Breaking Jacks when playing Jacks or Better and you have a pair, break it only if you have 4 cards to a lower Straight Flush/Royal Flush.

    • Breaking flush/straight only break up a flash/straight if you have 4 cards to a royal flush. For instance, if you’ve got King, Queen, Ace, 9 of diamonds, discard the 9 in the hope hitting 10 of diamonds. Still, you could hit a diamond of a different value and hit the flash or a pair.