Online Craps Tips: How to get Lady Luck on your Side

Online Craps Tips

If you take a look at craps for the first time, it often looks like it’s a complicated game. However, once you understand how things work, you will realize how easy it is to play the game, enjoy, and even rake in some solid rewards. Essentially, Craps is a popular dice game in Canadian online gaming sites that involves predicting the result of the dice after it is thrown. In case you don’t know how to get started, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will go through all the basics and help you learn the ropes even faster; we’ll also cover some pro tips and strategies. Read on to discover more about the game of Craps.

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  • Basic Rules of Playing Craps

    Principally, gamblers playing this game are supposed to place bets on the outcome of 2 six-sided dice. If your prediction is correct, you win. To play Craps well, you must be aware of all its fundamental rules. They are;

    You should, however, understand that the rules highlighted above don’t apply across all the variants of Craps available. With every spinoff of the game, you’ll find across online casinos in Canada, there’s usually a twist in the rules and therefore how you can play.

    Mistakes Players Make While Playing Craps

    Some the most common mistakes made by Canadian gamers and those from other parts of the globe when playing craps include;

    Tips and Strategies of Playing Craps

    Some of the tips that will help you to increase your winning chances in playing Craps are:

    free play

    Play free games before you embark on real money gaming

    Like with any other casino game in Canada, free play helps you understand how things work in the game. It’s the best way to master the rules of the Craps variant that you want to bet on for real money


    Set aside your bankroll before playing the game

    In Craps, it is important that you allocate your bankroll separately before you start playing so that you can avoid spending more than have you planned for. Since it’s based on luck, it’s super easy to get carried away and spend all your cash inadvertently.

    advantage of casino bonuses

    Take advantage of casino bonuses

    Want to play more rounds and spend less money? Look for casino bonuses such as matched deposits that will offer you extra gaming cash. However, make sure that you go through the requirements of the promotions.

    Hit and Run

    Hit and Run

    Once you understand the advanced wagers and you want to aim at bigger wins, bet on the long odds. It might be quite risky, but if you land on a winning streak, you could accumulate some lucrative payouts in the process.

    Best Paying Craps Variations

    Like most table games, Craps also comes with lots of interesting spinoffs to make things tighter and more exciting. The gameplay and features typically vary, and so does the house edge. For better winning chances, look for the following Variants of the game: