Online Blackjack: Going Head to Head with the Dealer

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For many years now, Blackjack has been a buzzword for any betting game and trying one’s luck at the table. Online blackjack is fancied and played in a variety of online casinos all around the globe. Its basics are same everywhere. Once you learn them, you can play in any online casino. Online blackjack casinos in Canada have numerous advantages; they offer amazing bonuses, huge collection of games and are generally more convenient to play from anywhere.

The game also has high winning chances, you play more rounds and have a chance to practice for free. Even though Blackjack lacks some well-known tips, you still have a good winning chance. So choose one of the online casinos from our list and deal the cards! May 21 get right into your hand always!

Top Blackjack Casinos in Canada

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Up to $1000 Bonus

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    Up to $750 Bonus

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  • 100% match up to $250 - Third deposit

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    Welcome bonuses up to €/$1600

  • Offer 1 - 100% up to 400
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  • Offer 4 - 100% up to 400

  • How the Game Works

    Playing online blackjack is quite easy, no particular skills needed. It’s only a bit of luck and a couple of straightforward rules that will bring you the winnings.

    Online Blackjack Rules

    Playing online blackjack is quite easy, no particular skills needed. It’s only a bit of luck and a couple of straightforward rules that will bring you the winnings.

    • 1. Make your bet.

    • 2. You receive 2 cards along with the dealer. Card values are as follows:

      ✔ Cards number = 2-10 cards
      ✔ Aces = 11 or 1
      ✔ Faces (Jacks, Queens, Kings) = 10

    • 3. Taking into consideration the value of cards, you go for a hit, stand, split/double down.

      Hit implies drawing one extra card out of the deck then adding its value to the total points.

      ✔ For Stand you can’t draw cards out of the deck, it implies stopping the game.

      Split means playing 2 hands and got the new card to every one of them. It’s possible when you’ve got two cards of similar value.

      Double Down implies doubling the wager then taking one more card.

      Insurance: an interesting side-bet that’s treated independently of the main game stakes when the dealer has blackjack.

      Surrender: in this option, you are allowed to quit your hand and lose half your bet after the dealer checks for blackjack

    • 4. The minute the dealer displays his cards there’ll be two outcomes; you either win by receiving more points or lose by receiving fewer points. Also, when you “bust” or go beyond 21 points you lose.

    Main Blackjack Varieties in Canadian Online Casinos

    Online blackjack has numerous varieties hence you can always get what to play. Some of you the main varieties that you can either play for real money or for free in Canada are as highlighted in the table below.

    Blackjack Type Blackjack Type Description
    Double Exposure
    For Double Exposure, you're able to see both of the dealer's cards. The gives you more opportunities for winning cash.
    Spanish Blackjack
    Played without 10-valued cards. Other cards have a value similar to that in classic blackjack.
    Vegas Strip
    Played with 4 decks. Doubling down is allowed after the Aces are split, the dealer can peek on his face down card.
    Atlantic City Blackjack
    Played with 8 decks, the dealer is dealt one card face up and one card face down.
    The late surrender choice and the insurance are allowed in this game.
    Bonus Blackjack
    Gives unique bonuses for receiving particular hands.
    European Blackjack
    This one is played with two decks. The gamer receives 2 cards face up;
    The dealer receives one face up and one more face down after the gamer makes a choice.
    American Blackjack
    Here, both the player and the dealer receive two cards each per hand
    Multi-Hand Blackjack
    A popular variant of Blackjack where you are allowed to play more than a single hand per round.

    Tips and Strategies

    • First, we urge you to play online blackjack for free before you start wagering real money. This will help you get the rules and regulations and grasp the betting options.
    • Remember higher bets don't automatically infer more winnings so, you should just enjoy and gamble responsibly.
    • Don't depend on luck, understand the rules of the variant you want to enjoy before you start to play.
    • Split Aces and 8s
    • Never split cards with a 10 value
    • Hit on 11 and stand on 17
    • Don’t spend cash on an insurance end-game if you want to win.