PayPal in Canada: A Fast and Secure e-Wallet for Gambling

PayPal is an online payment available worldwide and was established back in 1998. Over the years, its popularity has quickly grown amongst Canadian gamblers to make it one of the most preferred banking options. One of the major advantages is that the players can anonymously transact without their identities being disclosed to third parties, making the transactions 100% safe. PayPal allows you to send and receive money directly to your bank account, credit card or debit card once you have linked it.

Top Paypal Casinos in Canada

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  • Types of PayPal Accounts

    There three main different account types that one can open with PayPal depending on the intended use.

    PayPal Casinos

    Personal accounts

    These accounts are basically for personal use, and these accounts are charged minimal fees when receiving payments. On the other hand, transactions out of the account are completely free. These accounts can only accept a limited number of credit or debit card payments on a daily basis, and these payments are charged a transaction fee. This is the most popular type of account that Canadian gamers use in online casinos.

    Premium accounts

    These accounts are similar to personal accounts; the only difference is that they can be used to do bulk transactions and the number of credits/debit transactions are not limited.

    Business accounts

    These accounts are for businesses or organizations, and they can receive payments from clients with PayPal accounts, these payments are entitled to a certain transaction fee. This is the type of account that an online casino in Canada will have to accept your payments.

    How to activate your PayPal account

    Activating your PayPal account is very easy, simply follow the following steps;

    1. Visit the PayPal official website and create an account if you do not have one

    2. When logged in click on ‘’My Account.’’

    3. Select “Bank Accounts and Credit Cards” then add one of them

    4. Click ‘’continue’’ and verify your information the proceed

    5. The connection between your bank or card will be active within three days.

    6. You will now be ready to carry out transactions.

    To carry out a casino transaction, log in to your casino account and choose deposit or withdraw, then you go ahead and select PayPal as your preferred transaction method.

    Deposit and withdrawal limit

    Deposit and withdrawal limits

    If you would like to make withdrawals or deposits with PayPal, you should first check the terms and conditions of your chosen casino to know the transactional limits. Different casinos have different minimum and maximum transactions that can be done through PayPal. Since the transactions made through PayPal are instant, this makes one of the most reliable and convenient choices for the Canadian players.

    Security features

    Security Features

    PayPal uses secure encryption technologies to safeguard all the transactions making it impossible for the cybercriminals to get their hands on your information. All the transactions are monitored 24/7 to raise the alarm when the transactions seem suspicious, and you can also contact their fraud prevention team when such issues arise.

    Top Canadian Casinos accepting PayPal

    With the security, reliability, and convenience that comes with PayPal, a majority of casinos in Canada have adopted it as one of their top payment methods. Some of the best Canadian casinos that accept PayPal are:

    Final Review

    After an in-depth review of PayPal as a transaction method in Canada, here is a quick final take on it.

    • PayPal is secure as it uses the latest 128-SSL encryption technology

    • Deposits reflect instantly with no waiting time

    • Super-fast same-day withdrawals in some casinos

    • Can be integrated into bank accounts or even credit/debit cards

    • Eases the payments instead of one carrying cash which risks of being stolen

    • Exceptionally easy to use

    • Not many Canadian casinos accept it as a payment option

    • Steep transaction fees for bank account to PayPal accounts