Online Roulette Tips: How to Place Winning Bets

Online Roulette Tips


Roulette is one of the most iconic games you’ll ever come across whether you choose to play it in an online casino or a land-based casino. Even with it's easy to understand rules, it comes with adrenaline filled gameplay, and at the end of it all, you could effortlessly win a significant amount of cash. If you would like to give it a shot, read this guide, and you can start playing like a pro!

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  • Basic Roulette Rules

    Roulette is a pretty straightforward game and very simple to play. What you do is make a bet on any number on the wheel then after the ball stops spinning you check whether it has landed on the number you chose. If it does, you will have won. Some of the different bet options you’ll have include;

    Inside Bets:

    Wagers that you can place on the actual numbers in a Roulette table layout. These bets include:

    Outside bets:

    These are bets made outside the numbered columns on the Roulette table:

    You must, however, understand that the game structure differs slightly in all roulette variants. In American Roulette, for instance, there is a higher house compared to other Roulette variations like European and French Roulette. So, before you start playing any variant of Roulette, make sure you understand the rules.

    Common Mistakes Made While Playing Roulette

    Even though the Roulette is a game based on pure chance the following mistakes could water down your winning chances:

    • Being unaware of the various betting options

      People don’t win much in roulette because they don’t know most of the betting options that they have. It is impossible to make the most out of the game if you don’t know all of them. To level up your winning chances, get a good grasp of all your wagering options.

    • Poor bankroll planning

      Roulette can be a very thrilling game for any beginner. The excitement that comes with it could easily make you burn through your bankroll without second thought especially with some of its riskier wagers. Take time to allocate the amount you will spend and figure out the options that will help you last longer and accumulate more wins.

    • Depending on the same bets

      As you play, you will come across plenty of betting options with others offering significantly higher payouts in case you win. As a rule of thumb, don’t stick to the same bets in every round of play even though they promise bigger rewards. Change your bet types to increase your chances of winning as you explore other bets.

    Strategies of Winning in Roulette

    In as much as Roulette is a game of chance, the following strategies will help you win more if you are lucky enough:

    • Use a Low-Risk Method

      There are some exceptionally attractive bets in Roulette which offer payouts of up to 35:1. While there’s a chance for high payouts for single numbers, the odds of winning this are remarkably low at only about 2.63%. So, instead place lower risk bets which may have lower payouts, but in the end, you will still walk away with something since their odds of winning go to highs of up to 46.37%.

    • Take a Break

      One of the biggest mistakes made by some Roulette players is that they play for too long. If this happens, you will easily lose your focus and may get emotional which could lead to poor bet choices. Learn to take a break whether you are on a winning or losing streak.

    • Try using different Roulette betting systems

      Roulette betting systems might be complex, but they can increase your winning chances. You can try using betting systems like Fibonacci, Martingale and James Bond Betting systems and you never know, things could work exceptionally well for you.

    Best Paying Roulette Variants

    By now, you should be well aware that Roulette is available in different types and they differ in the rules and structure as well. The best paying variations the game with an overall house edge of only 2.70% are;

    • French Roulette

    • European Roulette

    Unless you truly understand the game, it’s better to stick to the French and European variants since the American spinoff has a 5.26% house edge.